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April 23, 2014, 02:48:21 pm
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 PAFTE Seminar-Workshop on Pre-School Education Courses in the New Teacher Educ

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« Posted on: November 02, 2008, 04:15:53 pm »

PAFTE Seminar-Workshop on
Pre-School Education Courses in
the New Teacher Education Programs

Theme: “Meeting the Challenges of Pre-School Education Programs
in Teacher Education”

Date:   April 18-19, 2008
Venue:   Hotel Fortuna, Borromeo St. Cebu City


I arrived in the venue at around 8:00 am. I was somewhat punctual since the registration was scheduled around 7:30 to 9:00 am. It gave me ample time to relax and prepare myself mentally and emotionally. At exactly 9:00 am, Dr. Sylvia Flores, the officer of the day, sounded the start of the opening program through an opening prayer and the singing of the National Anthem. Dr. Nenita Lapingcao, the president of PAFTE VII welcomed the attendees. She, then, emphasized the three P’s expected as participants in the 2-day seminar-workshop. To make the endeavor successful, everyone should be PUNCTUAL, PARTICIPATIVE and PRODUCTIVE.

Seminar Proper

                  Speaker: Dr. Emma A. Songahid

   Dr. Songahid started by answering the questions like, what is a preschool curriculum and what are the bases of the preschool curriculum? After thoroughly explaining the answers of the two questions, she, then, proceeded on the thought that Preschool Curriculum should focus on physical, personal-social, affective, cognitive and creative-aesthetic developments of the young.

   She, presented, further the descriptions of the learning areas like, communication, numeracy, sensory-perceptual, socio-emotional, motor and creative development skills. She capped her talk by introducing very interesting action songs and games.

   Her input prepared the participants on the necessities in preparing a syllabus on Introduction to PSE, Characteristics of the Young Filipino and Curriculum in the Preschool, which are course descriptions of Preschool majors 1,2,3 respectively.

   Dr. Nerissa Lopez did a REACTION on the talk. She stressed the importance of preschool education in the building of the foundation of children’s total development. Therefore, she is calling for every educator to be vigilant in producing quality preschool teachers. Teachers who are equipped with all the competencies expected of an effective molders of the fragile minds of the young.

      Speaker: Dr. Nancy Berame

   This very animated teacher amazed me with her dynamism and charisma. She gave concrete demonstrations on how the methods and strategies work for young children. Her actual applications of strategies were enough to learn all the strategies in teaching preschool. Commendable also was her initiative and hard work in bringing sample learning resources that made the over-all experience worth emulating. She is an epitome of an ideal preschool teacher.

   Her input is of vital importance also in planning, designing and preparing the syllabi on Preschool major 4 (Creative music, arts and drama for young children), Preschool major 5 (Play), and Preschool major 6 (Language and numeracy for young children).

The person tasked to make a REACTION was Dr. Berame’s college mentor, Dr. Lydia Tingcang. After the reactor acknowledged the speakers outstanding delivery of the topic, she just pointed out that in order to make methods and strategies work is through love to ones work. According to her that a preschool teacher must posses 5 Cs – Care, Competence, Compassion, Creativity and Commitment.

   Morning session was over. We had a sumptuous lunch at exactly 12:00 pm. After an hour the officer of the day led the group to the third speaker.

      Speaker: Dr. Queenie P. Siega

   The speaker, being the principal of USC Montessori Academy, introduced learning materials in a Montessori prepared environment. She started by sharing the pedagogy of Montessori teaching, principles and the guidelines in coming up with a n authentic Montessori prepared environment and how these materials be used in other preschool learning curriculum. More so, she showed sample Montessori materials through PowerPoint presentation.

   A fitting input to prepare the participants to the workshop proper on syllabi making on the following preschool major subjects; major 7, which is on Science and nature study, major 8 which is on Introduction to SPED and major 9 which is on Instructional Materials for Preschool Education.

   I was tasked then to REACT on the topic. Here is the content of my reaction to the topic.

Good Afternoon everyone!

True enough that the physical environment, facilities, equipment and other learning materials affect greatly the teaching learning process in preschool. It is where children’s needs are met, competence is developed and control is gained. The learning materials which are a part of the total physical environment (the WHERE of PSE) are an important factor in order to actualize the WHAT and the WHY of PSE and to make the WHO of PSE effective and functional. More so, it will facilitate the HOW of PSE.

We are blessed today with highly motivated speakers. This afternoon we are again showered with another blessing of an equally competent speaker in the person of Dr. Queenie Siega, who just shared to us her valuable time, knowledge and expertise.

Being tasked to make a REACTION is indeed a privilege and at the same time a challenge. It is a privilege because this is an opportunity for me to be known to the experts of Early Childhood Education in the entire Region VII. It is a challenge also because I’m the only MR. among all the speakers and reactors of today’s workshop. All of them are DRs.(Doctors of Educ.)

Anyway, my reaction is based on; WHAT I KNOW? WHAT I WANT TO KNOW MORE? and WHAT I LEARN or the KWL teaching episode.
K- A Montessori prepared environment is one that encourages learner to be active, promotes the individuals discovery of the personal meaning of ideas and provides well-chosen materials and activities that will allow order, concentration, cooperation and independence (OCCI).

W- If Montessori curriculum prepares the child to be OCCI, where will social development comes in the picture? How is number rod (Montessori material that will develop Numeracy skill) being taught to young children?

L- According to Maria Montessori, “We teachers can only help the work going on as servants wait upon a master.” These learning materials that will help develop Practical life skills, early sensorial skills, Communication skills are tools that will make us serve better our masters, the preschoolers.

Thank you…

      After my talk, the open forum started. The three speakers were stationed in front ready to answer all the queries. More questions were addressed to the third speaker. After answering all the questions the workshop proper followed.

      We were divided into three groups, group 1 is expected to make syllabi for preschool majors 1-3, group 2 for preschool majors 4-6 and group 3 for preschool majors 7-9. I have decided to affiliate myself to group 1 for a simple reason that the first three preschool major subjects serve as a foundation to all the remaining major subjects.

      The whole group appointed me to act as the reporter. I accepted the challenge without hesitation. Dr. Norma Songahid facilitated our group. She divided us (9 members) into three sub-groups and each was assigned to prepare 1 syllabus.

      Our sub-group (composed of 3 members) deliberated on Preschool major 3, which is the Preschool Curriculum.



      At exactly 10:15 am, the output presentation started. I presented first being the reporter of group 1. After I have presented the work of my group mates. I proceeded to the presentation of my work on The Preschool Curriculum. (Please see attached sheet)

      After the three groups had presented, the closing program commenced with the distribution of certificates. The 2-day experience was indeed a very fruitful endeavor. Now I am more equipped with new ideas for the coming school year for my preschool majors to learn and apply.

Prepared by:



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